Align your Marketing organization’s resources and capabilities to your business model and your customer value proposition.

Assess functional expertise. Depending upon your growth objectives, the organization may need to excel at business development, innovation, content strategy, social media, or customer insights. Does your team have the skills depth that ensure they can achieve your growth goals? 

Prioritize initiatives and investment. Opportunity cost is real. There are countless things your team could do, but it is often hardest to determine what they should do. Are your Strategic Plan and Growth Objectives guiding your leadership and your Marketing teams’ investment of time and resources? Align marketing spend and investment to your strategic priorities.

Identify key metrics. Measuring and tracking a few key performance indicators, and incorporating these into regular Board and leadership reporting, helps maintain focus against agreed upon goals. Do you have a shared understanding and approach to Marketing ROI?

Hire the right people.  Does your marketing leader add the value you expect as part of your leadership team?  When your team is in transition, carefully craft job descriptions, vet with questions that gauge strategic in addition to operational and management acumen, and onboard in a way that empowers they to do the jobs they were hired for.