From banking to manufacturing and many industries in between… results-driven focus on helping B2B companies grow profitably.

Proud to have served companies including:

Areas of Experience:

  • Advised Dupont senior executives in development of Strategic Plan for $1.7B division. Responsible for structuring workflow, developing strategy narrative, and guiding business unit leaders on strategic content.
  • Refined strategic plan for national professional services firm to include clear growth and client acquisition/retention objectives and leadership performance measures. Developed P&L level strategic planning process for service areas in alignment to national strategic plan, including creation of planning and execution toolkit for ease of implementation.
  • Advised P&L leader of $10B revenue/ $350 MM net income commercial real estate business on cross-functional operations, organizational, and strategic issues. Led senior leadership team in preparing long-term business strategy, and developed differentiated market positioning strategy based on internal & external research.
  • Led GE capital team in preparing detailed business plan for global new venture platform in infrastructure development industry (power, rail, oil, energy, etc), including assessment of market demand & supply in Asia, South America, and Africa, and development of operational implementation plan.
  • Established new Marketing department during transformation from regional to national firm, supporting 50%+ growth over 5 years. Developed comprehensive best practices, process management, and differentiated client acquisition and retention programs to compete on national level, contributing to disproportionate gains in national rankings.  While ranked #75 in size, firm leaped 50 spots to #20 ranking in brand strength, #10 for strongest client relationships, and #17 in client service among all firms nationally.  
  • Created complete set of Marketing department ROI metrics for national law firm, achieving improvement in all areas, including new business acquisition win-rate up by 22%, national public relations placements up by 20%, and thought leadership effectiveness up by 40%.
  • Led team for heavy manufacturing client in creating and implementing Marketing and Sales metrics, sales processes, and operational targets, reporting to client Board of Directors. Established management training courses on communications strategy and customer service. Managed seven cross-functional teams, redesigning critical service and delivery processes, resulting in 50% increase in on-time delivery and 50% inventory reduction. 
  • Managed global consumer technology engagement with $2B 3-M spin-off to develop growth platforms for new consumer electronics and mobile telecommunications products based on global consumer and competitive research.
  • Developed plan for Jones Lang LaSalle ($2.7B revenue commercial real estate finance) to leverage IT as strategically differentiating platform of marketable services, including productization of data analytics and innovation of on-line podcasting strategy.
  • Provided Marketing guidance to GE P&L leaders of $10B commercial real estate business, and support to deal teams and product managers in development of annual sales and marketing plans. Structured competitor analysis, channel analysis, sales strategy, customer programs, new product development process, and market research for all major North American products.
  • Managed 15 client engagements for Wells Fargo, working with client CMO and executive teams to define competitively differentiated value propositions for consumer and small business financial categories. Developed brand alignment strategies, channel and sales plans, and innovated new product/service platforms.
  • Developed plan for GE Healthcare Financial Services to deliver overall redesign of customer relationships, redefine competitive strategy, innovative product pipeline, and organizational shift from deal-focused to customer driven.
  • Launched bi-annual survey program to capture feedback from most important firm relationships, measure share of wallet, and report insights to inform Board decision-making. Established national internal client service training program to address improvement opportunity areas identified based on client feedback.
  • Created first B2B loyalty service program for commercial real estate industry priority customers, resulting in 350% increased volume from segment. 
  • Created robust set of key client analytics for national professional services firm to understand business mix, retention rates, share of spend, and profitability.  Established Voice of Client program  and collaborated cross-functionally to build client portals, create internal client service training content, and develop programmatic client development plans to strengthen relationships. 
  • Led Polsinelli organization through process of value proposition development, including internal focus groups, client interviews, and in-depth competitive analysis. Rebranded firm including brand equity strategy, management of website overhaul, creative execution, and ongoing rollout.  Results included 50-spot rise to #20 ranking in brand strength, #10 for strongest client relationships, and #17 in client service nationally. 
  • Led corporate-wide initiative for Fidelity Investments marketing to redefine overarching brand strategy, develop segment positioning and customer experience strategies, and develop supporting new products and services.
  • Managed due diligence for acquisition of two Indonesian banks and led discussions with joint venture candidates in Asia for five GE Capital Businesses.
  • Managed and restructured100 employee division, implementing operational strategies that resulted in 25% productivity growth and rise of Taiwan to top 3 affiliates in Asia region.
  • Designed Asia region marketing & customer service strategy for Indonesian steel manufacturer in recently deregulated industry. Created management development courses in cross-functional communication and customer service.
  • Managed seven cross-functional teams at Asian manufacturer, redesigning critical service & delivery processes, and resulting in 50% increase in on-time delivery and 50% inventory reduction.
  • Optimized ground operations for Thai Air, resulting in approximate 50% decrease in labor and equipment costs.
  • Mediated joint venture negotiations between Asian enterprises for Indonesian Board of Investment.
  • Presented quarterly quality control seminars in Chinese on global export policies and importer requirements to Taiwan Export Association members.