Customer priorities regularly change and their needs almost always increase. Staying ahead of your competitors requires deliberate focus on the end-to-end service experience.

Know your 80/20, the customers who carry disproportionate importance to your business. Keep your key customers and grow these relationships through a systematic approach to service management and customer feedback.

Assess all customer touchpoints. Ensure that the end-to-end customer experience supports your value proposition. A Customer Touchpoint Audit can identify gaps in consistency and ensure that customers are experiencing what you promised when they chose you. Most companies underestimate the number of opportunities you have (or miss) to impact customer perceptions.

Ask for feedback. Customer feedback initiatives take many forms, but programs based on proven research methodologies can impact retention and share of spend as customer priorities change. Customer interviews, focus groups, surveys, and assessment of gaps between what customers really think versus what your salesforce thinks they think can provide important opportunities to strengthen customer relationship health.