An ROI-driven approach to roadmapping your growth objectives is key to profitability.

Define your value propositionIt’s not about a Marketing message, it’s a much deeper business model question. Why do your customers choose you and how are you delivering on your brand promise once they become customers? A strong value proposition directly impacts your profit margin.

Prioritize your growth drivers. Make sure you have a plan that actually gets you to your growth targets. Retain and grow relationships with your key customers? Expand by acquiring new customers or entering new markets? Develop new services or products?

Optimize your execution. Marketing simply can’t do it all. Cross-functional collaboration with HR, Finance, IT and Operations all impact successful implementation. Alignment of resources, communications strategy, and incentives will help ensure that objectives are achieved.

Measure the right things. Set tangible targets and build plans around these. Track and communicate to all stakeholders. Tie these to employees’ performance metrics.