Reemergence Services

Many businesses are grappling with how to prioritize initiatives in the wake of our current business environment. M:CALIBRATE can facilitate a process to help you vet opportunities, safeguard customer/client relationships, and balance Marketing investments to position for success as we re-emerge and move into a “new normal.” Both the VOC and Reemergence workshops below are 2-3 week projects and can be accomplished virtually.


VOICE OF CLIENT/CUSTOMER (VOC) Programs are more important than ever. If you invest resources in only one customer initiative during this period of uncertainty, this may be the one with greatest potential ROI. 

Quick-Launch VOC Program: Customer input programs are typically tactical and episodic, primarily assessing if customers are “satisfied.” An ongoing and more strategic approach will better align these efforts to your actual growth goals.  We will develop an implementable program tailored to our unusual business environment, helping to improve revenue stability, and driving long-term customer value.

Among the trickiest but most important calculations is how to allocate marketing resources in a targeted way to support continued growth. Analysis shows that striking the right balance is a key driver of ultimate success. 

Strategic Re-Emergence Workshop: We will tackle key questions like“How can we engage customers appropriately to build loyalty?”, “What quick-hit revenue stabilizers can we identify?” and “On what areas should we increase/decrease marketing and sales spend?”  We’ll create a plan for 2020-2021 for how to prioritize and allocate resources to position for industry leadership.

Contact Allison Berey for more information on these services,